Munich: Transport study for expansion of interchange and A99

The A99 highway is one of the busiest in Germany and bundles several traffic flows leading to Munich. The A94 highway, which crosses the Munich East interchange, is meant to connect Munich and Passau in the near future. The Bavarian Department of Transportation will plan the expansion based on the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan.

To what extent will the planned construction project impact traffic? Which of the planning options can guarantee efficient traffic flow? The experts at PTV Transport Consult can help you clarify the most important traffic-related issues concerning your construction project.

Commission a transport study

Project description

Due to the high traffic volume on the A99 highway and the short distances between the interchange and neighboring junctions, the expansion is expected to have a large impact on traffic. This is why consultants were asked to calculate traffic development and the impact on traffic volumes during different situations such as daytime traffic, trade fair traffic and holiday traffic, for the Southern Bavaria Department of Transportation. The results were then incorporated into the microsimulations of the study area in order to assess traffic performance. In addition, the consultants looked at an optimization option for the neighboring connection point Haar, including the subordinate network level.

Macroscopic modeling & microsimulation

The heavily used interchange Munich East was analyzed using a macroscopic traffic model in order to examine the traffic volumes in detail and to forecast the traffic volume for the 2035 forecast horizon. Based on this model-side observation, a traffic engineering study was carried out using a microscopic simulation model created by PTV experts.




It was revealed that due to the predicted increases in traffic volumes, the traffic flow on isolated corner relations cannot be handled exclusively via indirect ramps, but require other solutions such as “flyovers”. Thanks to the elimination of interconnecting links and faster ramp routing, a better traffic quality can be achieved on the heavily loaded connecting ramps. The microsimulation results show that the reconstruction of the interchange will enable an efficient traffic flow.

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