Mobility strategy 2022 OstWestfalenLippe

The economic and cultural area OstWestfalenLippe (OWL) has established the structural development program REGIONALE 2022 with the aim to better connect urban and rural areas. The idea is to strengthen the relationships between city and county with new impulses. The topic of mobility plays a central role here. Mobility offerings that are fit for the future and easy to use should enable all portions of the population to participate in social life. A new mobility strategy should 

What should local public transportation look like in the future in order to be attractive to the entire population? PTV's consultants help cities, communities, and regions reorient their mobility offerings.

Developing a mobility strategy

Project description

The project goal was - together with all actors on-site - to work with interest groups, transit corporations and companies, counties and communities, and citizen volunteers to develop a mobility strategy for the entire OWL area.

The vision of future mobility should include various concepts from the various regions without losing sight of the entire area. That's why existing approaches in planning, information, and participation processes had to be incorporated, assisted by specialists, and advanced.

The path to the new mobility strategy

In order to be able to develop a vision for “The new mobility in OstWestfalenLippe” and thus a target system, the PTV team initially analyzed the structure of the area, as well as the current traffic situation and accessibility in the region.

In addition, mobility-relevant trends and possible future developments were examined and existing opportunities and challenges for the region derived.

Along with a potential and accessibility analysis of public transport, fields of action and possible approaches for action were identified.

Furthermore, the experts from PTV Transport Consult evaluated existing project approaches, prioritized these, and classified them. Workshops with regional actors were also part of the project

Coordinated action plan

The new mobility strategy combines goals for regional development, transit-political goals, and the project approaches developed in a bottom-up process for improving mobility to form a coordinated action plan.

From the expansion and improvement of the quality of existing public transport options to possibilities for alternative drives, all relevant mobility topics were addressed in a total of nine fields of action. These also offer possibilities for action on a regional level.

The project approaches submitted in the course of REGIONALE 2022 were assigned to the appropriate fields of action and additional project approaches were added as necessary. Thus, more than 70 project approaches flowed into the mobility strategy, which according to their significance for the mobility system in OstWestfalenLippe, were weighted according to their signaling effect for the region and the possibility for implementation.

Nine fields of action

- Expansion and improvement of the quality of existing public transport options

- Flexible and demand-based mobility offerings

- Multi-modal mobility system

- Mobility costs (rates/prices)

- Encouragement of bicycle traffic

- Changing of mobility understanding/mobility competence

- Future-oriented commercial and cargo transport

- Operational mobility management

- Alternative drives


The broad spectrum of publicly accessible mobility offerings in the region provides a good initial situation for realizing the vision. However, the study also showed where there is a particular need to act. Thus, demographic, social, and technological trends (changed mobility needs, digitalization, alternative drives, etc.) pose great challenges for mobility offerings; at the same time, they also offer numerous opportunities for a closer networking of the individual regions in OWL.

Consultants from PTV Transport Consult also made recommendations for the next steps in the REGIONALE process

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