Air pollution control in Stuttgart, Freiburg, & Frankfurt a.M.

It’s not only at the famous Neckartor junction on the B 14 in Stuttgart that applicable air pollution limits are regularly exceeded. The topic of clean air is on most cities’ agendas. Which transport measures can help reduce air pollution? To determine this, Stuttgart, Freiburg, and Frankfurt am Main commissioned PTV Transport Consult to provide an impact study. 

Clean air is a key factor that makes a city livable. The experts at PTV Transport Consult can help you identify possible transport measures to reduce air pollution. 

Evaluate measures for keeping air clean

Project description

Motorized road traffic causes a significant portion of pollutant emissions in our cities. Thus, transport measures that are supposed to reduce emissions are an essential component of clean-air plans.

The impact of such measures is going to be evaluated in Stuttgart, Freiburg, and Frankfurt, using a transport demand model.

Special requirement: Great public interest

Clean air is a topic that is especially important to many people. With justification, citizens request clean air to protect their health. Due to many court cases, this topic also plays an important political role.

That’s why transparent, traceable methods and model application are critical for project success. The transport results have to be high-quality and reliable and, if necessary, also prevail before the courts.

Transport model to evaluate the measures

Measures aiming to reduce transport emissions are many and varied: They range from the subsidy of active and public means of transport to intelligent control to making traffic flow on through to restrictive measures such as the blocking of certain routes or areas for whole groups of vehicles.

For clean-air plans for Stuttgart, Freiburg, and Frankfurt am Main, there were suitable multi-modal macroscopic transport models available in which the various measures were implemented and simulated.



The results of many measures were determined and presented in a transport impact study.

Using model calculations, the PTV experts created traffic volume diagrams and evaluated numerous traffic-related parameters such as the modal split.

The results were handed over to the experts (the ones commissioned with the additional emissions calculations) in file form.


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