Vision Zero

People make mistakes. The transport system must be able to identify these human errors and compensate for them. Those involved in accidents have to assume responsibility. At the same time, road safety needs to be recognised as a social responsibility. Therefore, it is essential to understand road traffic-related problems and to analyse their effects. The aim is to assess the risks that may lead to accidents in order to develop appropriate measures that help improve road safety. Roads can forgive mistakes made by road users provided that road safety concepts for cities and regions combine specific measures and implementation processes. Road safety is an integral part of the overall infrastructure management. Vision Zero leads to a risk-conscious transport system and safe mobility. Based on quantitative risk analyses, we create the basis for improving civil and road safety in critical traffic structures, e.g. road tunnels. Road safety is a very important issue for PTV Transport Consult.

How can traffic and transport be made safer?

Road safety affects all of us. Therefore, it has to focus on the needs of all road users. In our studies on walking and cycling, we also try to protect people who are not surrounded by a vehicle body. This can often only be achieved by expanding the infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.


Benedikt Butz
Transport Planning and Technology

In our international planning projects, road safety is always an important factor and often a major aspect of political decisions. This is particularly true in countries where the infrastructure and vehicles are far from being up to our high technical standards, where the driving behaviour is often more aggressive and safety attitudes are generally poor. Sometimes it is necessary to convince the authorities of the benefits of speed limits and speed monitoring on urban roads.


Matias Ruiz Lorbacher
Internationales Consulting