Mobility 4.0

New technologies offer immense opportunities. Visionary ideas and the latest information and communication technologies lead to new perceptions of mobility and help open up new opportunities for urban and regional planning. Many of the things that seem impossible now will become realities of tomorrow. Mobility systems of the future will be more environmentally friendly, more efficient and access to mobility services will become easier. Smart Mobility offerings must be attractive for all people, regardless of their age. What needs to be done? The effects on road users, the environment and society can be simulated in future scenarios. Infrastructure, business concepts and funding schemes that cover all modes of transport provide you with a solid basis for decision-making. Scenario-based applications of integrated traffic models help develop appropriate future-proof solutions. PTV Transport Consult helps you shape the future of mobility. We provide elaborate concepts that meet your specific requirements.

How can we shape the mobility of tomorrow?

Our integrated and holistic approach to traffic planning and traffic engineering, considering all modes of transport, is playing an increasingly important role in this sector. We can thus show the impact of digitisation, networking and automation on future mobility and provide the information you need to take appropriate transport-related measures. 


Christoph Schulze
Head of Division Transport Planning and Technology

The possibilities offered by electronic ticketing, extensive mobile data availability and connected transport services will increasingly be reflected in public transport fares and package deals. Dynamic pricing systems require new approaches to data collection and revenue sharing. We create innovative and tailor-made concepts to meet the constant challenges of this market.


Stefan Reisch
Project Manager Passenger Surveys and Revenue Sharing