Economic sustainability

The theoretical approaches to sustainability often follow idealistic goals. Acting in a truly sustainable manner is a major challenge in everyday life. When dealing with all essential aspects concerning future mobility, we have to cope with a complex network of interdependencies. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the big picture in order to be able to create intelligent solutions. Another important aspect is the fact that financial resources are limited. As a result, it is vital to consider the economic impact of sustainable solutions. Just as there are not only black and white answers in life, but many shades of grey, there is not just one single solution to every problem. After all, dealing carefully with financial resources also means acting in a sustainable manner. With our many years of experience in the field of economic feasibility studies, PTV Transport Consult supports decision-makers in implementing sustainable projects.

Is it possible to implement economically sustainable projects?

Intelligent investing is key. A prerequisite for acting sustainably is the ability to assess the economic impact of our actions. And here it is important to take into account both the company’s and the national economy’s interests. This is the only way to achieve sustainability as a whole. With our methods and concepts we can make a substantial contribution to achieving this ambitious goal.


Susanne Rebentisch
Head of Division Public Transport Planning and Evaluation

Economic efficiency and sustainability are often seen as two sides of the same coin. However, in practice it turns out that one is not possible without the other. Our solutions are cost-efficient, precisely because they are sustainable. We thus ensure efficient use of resources in a way that benefits all stakeholders.


Jörg Uhlig
Head of Division Transport Planning and Technology, Dresden