Commercial transport

The different types of commercial transport should be considered separately: Passenger transport is strongly linked to social exchange processes, such as sales calls or nursing services, and is characterised by change. Online sales and the demand for just-in-time deliveries continue to soar, resulting in an ever- increasing number of (urban) delivery services. Freight transport, on the other hand, has to cope with congestion, such as rail bottlenecks or parking problems along motorways, and air pollution, harming human health and causing a variety of environmental effects. PTV Transport Consult finds the right solution to every single challenge in order to enable and shape sustainable commercial transport.

How can commercial transport be optimised?

Commercial transport is often condemned for its negative effects. On the other hand, we all appreciate fresh produce and fast deliveries made to our doorstep. We develop innovative concepts to make sure that commercial transport is optimised to everyone’s benefit and is carried out as eco-friendly as possible.


Jan Malik
Head of Division Transport Planning and Technology, Düsseldorf

Adequate consideration of commercial transport is particularly important in international consulting projects. We respond to the complexity of multimodal freight transport and potential shifts to environmentally friendly modes by developing innovative modelling approaches.


Jens Landmann
Project Manager International Consulting