Landau: Shaping sustainable mobility by encouraging active citizenship

An integrated mobility concept assesses all relevant influences and levels of measures in the field of mobility and transport. A central task is to link up the large number of different actors and to facilitate efficient and goal-oriented cooperation

PTV Transport Consult develops integrated mobility concepts for cities, municipalities and regions. In addition to the various forms of mobility, our experts analyse cross-sectional aspects such as traffic and mobility management, barrier-free mobility, road safety as well as climate and the environment.

Create mobility concepts

Project description

As opposed to network and infrastructure-based transport master plans used in the past, mobility concepts deal with all relevant influences and measures in an integrated way. PTV’s experts developed a new mobility concept for the City of Landau in the Palatinate, Germany. The aim was to provide sustainable and future-oriented mobility offering enough room for environmentally compatible mobility services. All stakeholders – from transport experts to the citizens of Landau – were involved in this project in order to ensure a practical and application-driven concept.

Mission statement and goal definition

The first planning step was to define the main transport-related objectives. Together with the City of Landau, a mission statement was created summarizing these overall goals. Throughout the entire planning process, they served as the basis for evaluating the initial situation, the approaches and actions.

Status analysis

Strength and weakness profiles of all modes of transport provided the basis for new development strategies. Site visits, civic dialogue, travel time data and a survey on cycling were used as sources of information.

Fields of action and measures

The fields of action were developed on the basis of the strength and weakness profiles resulting from the status analysis. Priority networks for the individual transport modes were defined and specific action plans were created.

Evaluation of measures and implementation concept

The action plans are based on the evaluation of possible measures. The evaluation results help prioritize all actions, which are then used to create the implementation concept. Different implementation stages and corresponding action plans will be worked out. Resulting in an integrated action plan for Landau’s transport policy in the next decade.

Involvement of all stakeholders

The mobility concept developed by the PTV experts provides the City of Landau with a practice- and application-oriented concept for improved coordination of sustainable mobility planning, which at the same time provides the basis for future detailed planning. To reach this goal, it is necessary that all stakeholders get involved. An essential component is the involvement of the public, which uses the transport system on a daily basis. The community driven approach, that is part of Landau’s mobility concept, consists of three types of involvement:

- Project workshops

- Advisory board

- and citizen participation

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