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PTV Transport Consult at a glance

400 current projects

In all areas of traffic and transport. With annually growing project volumes.

150 employees

Our engineers work closely with professionals from other disciplines.

1980 years of experience

Accumulated expertise: This figure reflects the practical work experience of our team of experts.

Trends that shape our lives

Mobility 4.0

The way that people get around cities is changing dramatically. Digitalisation and autonomous driving will increasingly affect traffic and our mobility behaviour. How will multimodality develop given the increasingly networked nature of transport systems? Which of the new services will prevail? What role does Smart Mobility play in our cities and rural areas?


Climate protection

The transport of people and goods contributes to a great extent to greenhouse gas emissions. The transport sector’s emissions continue to grow compared to those caused by households and industry. Limiting the emission of harmful greenhouse gases in the transport sector represents one of the greatest challenges of our time.


Commercial transport

Managing commercial transport is one of the most multi-faceted key challenges in the transport sector. This is where elementary needs for supply and exchange meet with the negative effects on the environment and society.


Vision Zero

"We made our vision come true! Zero road fatalities last year!” Is it an illusion or an ambitious goal? Can we create a traffic system that eliminates fatal accidents?


Economic sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, we primarily think of environmental protection and the conservation of valuable resources. However, we should also bear in mind that these measures cost money. Decision-makers have the difficult task of investing in future-proof solutions, while ensuring that access to mobility remains affordable for all users.


Top consultants at your service

PTV Transport Consult GmbH is one of Germany’s Top Consulting Companies 2023. For the 7th time in a row, Brand Eins and Statista honoured PTV as one of the best consulting firms in the field of traffic, transport and logistics.