Are you looking to apply new approaches in your transport planning?

Transport planning and traffic technology

Optimizing the movement of people and goods has always been in our DNA. We create tailor-made mobility concepts together with our clients and provide comprehensive support throughout all stages of the transport planning process. Our highly qualified experts will be pleased to advise on all aspects of transport modeling, traffic planning and technology optimization.

From transport studies for smaller communities to the coordination of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan. From multimodal traffic concepts to the planning of event traffic. From performance studies of road networks to the evaluation of the impact of traffic on the environment (air pollution control measures, climate protection concepts).

With or without a model: We develop transport strategies to solve local problems and identify opportunities for a sustainable future based on the integration and interaction of all modes of transport. This is where PTV Visum comes into play, as it allows planners to create comprehensive transport models that reliably map current and expected traffic conditions. With the microscopic simulation software PTV Vissim we precisely analyze the traffic flow. The movement models allow us to realistically visualize the interaction of all actors. This is extremely helpful, especially when planners need to implement complex systems and public transport prioritization concepts or provide cycle highways. PTV Viswalk perfectly complements the range of advanced tools for customized simulation and optimization of pedestrian flows, e.g. at sports stadiums, event venues, major stops and train stations.

We develop solutions together with all relevant actors from politics, administration, and community. Dealing with the different ideas and wishes of these actors is both a challenge and an incentive for us. Even if it is not always possible to please everyone, open and sound advice is the basis for maximum acceptance of the proposed solutions.

We provide consulting support in the following areas ...

  • Strategic master plans & concepts
  • Transport planning for events
  • Mobility-related climate concepts & environmental concepts
  • Performance studies
  • Forecasts and scenarios
  • Intermodal transport concepts
  • Transport modelling & traffic forecasts
  • Traffic simulation
  • Pedestrian simulation & pedestrian flow analysis

The core of our work lies in impact assessment. This means that we investigate measures, concepts and ideas as well as their impact on currently relevant aspects. Examples thereof would be the impact on CO2 emissions, fine dust particles, air pollutants or driving performance and similar factors – basically on any parameters relevant to traffic and the environment. 


Dr.-Ing. Volker Waßmuth
Head of Division Transport Planning and Traffic Technology