How can mobility be designed economically?

Transport Economics

Strategic decisions on investments in transport infrastructure and the operation of traffic facilities are often associated with high costs. They determine the long-term entrepreneurial success of operators and can tie up budget funds for long periods of time. We provide decision-makers with a sound basis for all levels of operational and political decision-making. We are involved in projects on all levels, be it national, as coordinator of the German Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan, or local/regional as consultants.

For over 20 years one of our core competences has been handling standardised evaluations of applications for funding local public transport projects in accordance with the German Municipal Transport Financing Act (GVFG). Several major transport projects, such as the light rail system of the Karlsruhe region or the RegioTram Kassel, were launched with our help.

For transport operators, we develop economic feasibility studies such as line performance and line revenue calculations. We provide both company- and service line-related success indicators, which can be updated for future scenarios based on model calculations.


We provide consulting support in the following areas ...

  • Economic feasibility studies and demand plans
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Standardised evaluations
  • Follow-up cost calculations
  • Line performance calculations and line profit and loss reports

We help you operate transport systems economically. We provide you with cost and revenue transparency. We analyse and evaluate your current situation. And we make solid suggestions on how to set your course in the future to further improve economic efficiency.


Ilona Lange
Financial Director PTV Transport Consult