How can we improve the traffic flow in our city?

Transport Management

Not only large cities and conurbations are currently struggling with increasing traffic volumes. Intelligent traffic management is essential for managing traffic flows more efficiently and making them ecologically sounder and safer. We provide traffic management assistance at all levels.

At your traffic control centre – the mind and heart of dynamic traffic control – we advise you beyond technical matters. We provide support during conceptual planning, including spatial and equipment concepts and solutions for operational management and processes.

In terms of actual traffic management, we assist you in developing integrated solutions that go beyond departmental and system boundaries. Our work is based on comprehensive data and information obtained from various sources that we link and process accordingly. This enables us to gain a comprehensive picture of the current traffic situation and any emerging problematic situations.

Video systems are used worldwide to assess the quality of traffic flows and identify unusual occurrences in traffic quicker and more reliably. We would be happy to support you in this area as well.


We provide consulting support in the following areas ...

  • Traffic control centres: Equipment & operation
  • Traffic management and traffic information
  • Planning tunnel control technology and tunnel operation technology
  • Data collection & traffic control
  • Video technology / Digital video networks
  • Traffic systems technology

Autonomous vehicles and cooperative systems will change the traffic on our roads in the long term. Preparing our infrastructure for this change is an essential step for our future mobility. By working on the next generation of traffic control systems, including traffic control and monitoring, we are aiming for smooth and safe traffic flows in the future.


Andreas Tacke
Head of Section Traffic Management