Our ambition

We develop comprehensive solutions for our customers in all areas of transport. As a company of PTV Group, we use highly methodical standards, based on innovative tools and concepts.

Our team has a wide range of expertise and long-standing experiences. For us, "interdisciplinary" is not just a buzzword. It is an intrinsic part of our approach to develop state-of-the-art solutions. In our projects, we integrate and combine disciplines, expertise and approaches of different specialties, in order to produce new and innovative answers to all aspects of the project issues.

In doing this, we cooperate with numerous external partners, both nationally and internationally.

As traffic and transport consultants, we are naturally experts in the traditional virtues of transport engineering, but our ambition extends beyond the pure application of methods. We have many years of experience in the application and development of established modelling and micro simulation tools. We also work continuously on the application, introduction and development of new standards and techniques.

For example, this applies to the risk analysis for tunnels with the use of special simulations on the spread of fire, smoke and emissions, and the use of pedestrian simulation for planning and testing evacuations. Or to issues that arise in connection with the safety of large gatherings of people.

We deal with new issues and improve existing methods, whether in infrastructure management or in traditional tasks – so we were the first to use handhelds for passenger surveys.

In many cases we work with partners in the public and private sectors to develop standards and guidelines, such as for planning large events or introducing the network-wide safety evaluation of roads.

Our team has a wide range of experience due to the training undertaken by our employees. More than 40 engineers work in close collaboration with over 20 representatives of other academic disciplines, such as transport and business management, geography, electrical engineering, mathematics and information technology.

We also package together the expertise of the different specialist areas depending on the requirements of each project. So the multidisciplinary project teams can work on the assignments in an integrated and holistic way.

In projects that extend beyond traffic and transport, we naturally cooperate with external partners who are qualified to deal with financial or legal matters, for example.

Integrated consulting services

An integrated approach is often the precondition for complete and, in the best sense, sustainable solutions. In strategic planning that is primarily the consideration of all transport carriers and modes. The analysis of deficits and requirements in the planning of urban and interurban transport systems requires the consideration of passenger transport in all modes of transport, including non-motorised ones, as well as of commercial transport. Our expertise in modelling, planning, transport technology, traffic management, public transport, commercial transport logistics, and transport management means we can offer you integrated and complete consulting advice.

Public participation

The early and active participation of the public is a precondition for the acceptance of and ability to implement measures, as well as being an important driver for designing action points.  It is also part of a holistic approach.

In many of our projects we work actively on public participation – from the organisation and moderation of planning workshops through to the structured integration of public suggestions in the planning process – in terms of infrastructure projects with wide-reaching effects and when planning public transport propositions.

PPP projects

Advising on projects that are based on public-private partnerships (PPP) particularly requires a multidisciplinary approach. By carefully weighing up the use of PPP for transport infrastructure projects, aspects of financing, business management, and contract and tender law must be considered to the same extent as a solid forecasting basis, planning aspects, and transport and economic matters.

We have experience of a wide range of consulting perspectives – public sector, private licence holders, and policy work – gained in various projects, particularly for toll-financed projects (F-model) and privately financed motorways (A-model), and also particularly in collaboration with partners in the field of financial and legal consulting.

Project management

Project work is more than just the application of methods and techniques. Customers can only make complete use of the project outcomes through an in-depth collaboration between the consultants and the project stakeholders. This requires communication and management and applies even more in international projects, which are mainly developed with local and international partners, than in national projects. 

We are always keen to continue to develop our employees' skills as project managers. We believe we should always use project management to make it easy for our clients to use our specialist knowledge, even in complex tasks.


We do not just take a multidisciplined approached with our own staff. If the terms of reference call for it and a holistic approach is required, we will collaborate with external partners. Partnership is an integral part of our consulting activities. That applies to "non-transport" fields such as finance, but also for overlapping fields in transport management, where we often strengthen our hand by using partners and support other consultants through acting as partners to them.

Our consulting expertise and knowledge of methods are internationally in demand. We are actively involved in foreign markets and have developed an international network of clients and partners. We have now used our experience in over 20 countries around the world, implementing projects from strategic traffic planning through to surveys of pedestrian flows at large events and designing traffic control centres.

Examples of these are national master plans such as in Qatar or Jordan, or planning the entire bus transport system in Dubai. We investigated pedestrian safety and capacity for the Formula 1 track in Abu Dhabi and the Winter Olympics in Sochi. In Botswana we are working on planning and tendering for a transport management centre for the capital Gaborone.
Our focus areas are also eastern and south-eastern Europe, and Turkey.


International projects often provide special challenges, both in terms of content, and in communication and local conditions. Partnerships are an essential part of many international projects. We work in close collaboration with local partners, thus combining our expertise with local knowledge and skills.

We also work with German and international partners so we can also provide the necessary capabilities for multidisciplinary and holistic projects.


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Find out more about our subsidiary TransportTechnologie-Consult Karlsruhe GmbH (TTK)!


Find out more about our subsidiary TransportTechnologie-Consult Karlsruhe GmbH (TTK)!

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